By: Robert Smith

Many advanced Computers are available with many designations, but one is especially interesting. NCR produced a six-core memory computer with 60 bytes per word in conjunction with six bits to the character. It is named and advertised as the 6-60-6, which defines the size and shape of the computer. The only way this can be pronounced is six sixty-six (666). In computer language, 666 has a unique significance. A computer is an information retrieval system, and all of its information is stored as numbers. A computer's memory cell has only two states--on and off, or mathematically 1 and 0. Thus, every number must be represented in 1s and Os. We use a decimal system based on 10; thus, it has 10 symbols: O, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Computers use a binary system using two symbols (O and 1). To manage large numbers, computers use a binary coded decimal system (BCD), which consists of groups of four digits, to make up all numbers. By comparing the groups of numbers listed below one can find each system's equivalent symbol. Thus, OOO1, OO11, O111, O1O1 in the binary coded decimal system is equal to our decimal system number 1,375.


1 = OOO1
2 = OO1O
3 = OO11
4 = O1OO
5 = O1O1
6 = O11O
7 = O111
8 = 1OOO
9 = 1OO1

(For various reasons, some computers use Base 8 (O-7) and therefore do not use the last two symbols shown.)

As shown in the BCD system, the number 6 is represented by O11O. This is unique because O11O written backwards or upside-down is still O11O. The only other number in the BCD system with the same property is its complement 1OO1, or 9. (However, not every computer counts past 7.). This consistency is the same in every country in the world, unaffected by language because every computer speaks the same language of "1s and "Os." Thus, O11O, O11O, O11O is 666 universally. In the Book of Revelation, John said that 666 is the mark of the Beast. This number also represents the universal consistency of the computers that will be required to control the world's finances and thus the world's people. When John wrote 1,900 years ago, he did not know anything about the binary number system, computers, or why computers would require binary coded decimals. Yet, he stated emphatically that the mark of the beast is 666. The Government's system for identification uses 18 digits, the last nine of which are the Social Security number. Virtually every citizen in the country over the age of 1 will be forced to have a Social security number. Starting in 1990, every child over one year old must have a Social Security number to qualify as a dependent on tax returns. Preceding this 9-digit Social Security number are 3 digits corresponding to one's telephone area code. Obviously, the whole world is tied by phone; every barren deserts with no inhabitants have area codes. In front of these numbers is a country code; for America it is 11O. From this single, universally consistent number, the government will instantly know a person's country, region, and identity. Does that seem logical so far? But that accounts for only 15 digits, and the system is based on 18. The missing 3-digit code specifies that you are in the system: 666. Is that enough to concern you? The point is that 666 is a significant and important part of what the future is going to hold. The Bible prophesied it.

By: Robert Smith

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