"Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah [and] against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. "( Zechariah 12: 2-4 )

The Western Wall - Old Jerusalem

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Dec.11 -- 2006 :Gunmen kill schoolchildren in Gaza -- Palestinian gunmen kill three young children of a senior Palestinian intelligence officer pumping dozens of bullets into their car as it passed through a street crowded with schoolchildren -- in an apparent botched assassination attempt that could ignite widespread factional fighting. More

Nov.26 -- 2006 : 'Rockets hit Israel' after truce -- Palestinian militants in Gaza launched rocket attacks into Israel, Israel police and army officials say, hours after a cease-fire in Gaza was agreed upon by the Israeli government and Palestinian factions. The rockets did not cause major damage or casualties, Israeli police said. More

Nov.24 -- 2006 : Seven Israeli soldiers injured on third day of anti-missile combat in N. Gaza Thursday. Three injured by a 54-old Palestinian female suicide bomber -- Four Israeli soldiers were injured by anti-tank rocket fire during counter-missile operations in N. Gaza Strip Thursday, as Palestinians stepped up anti-tank fire. More

Nov.22 -- 2006 : Israeli troops advance into Gaza towns -- BEIT HANOUN, Gaza (AP) -- Israeli ground troops, tanks and armored vehicles advanced on two northern Gaza towns Wednesday in pursuit of Palestinian rocket squads, besieging a well-known Hamas lawmaker's house and engaging militants in ferocious gunbattles, Palestinian officials said. . More

Nov.08 -- 2006 : Israeli tanks kill 13 in Gaza, Palestinians say -- GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Thirteen members of a family, including seven children, were killed when Israeli tanks fired 10 artillery rounds into the northern Gaza city of Beit Hanoun, Palestinian medical sources said. More

Nov.01 -- 2006 : Nine Palestinians killed in Israeli operation in Gaza -- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- At least nine Palestinians were killed early Wednesday in ground and aerial attacks launched by Israeli forces inside Gaza, an Israel Defense Forces spokesman said. Earlier, IDF said 20 gunmen were "hit" in the operation. More

Oct. 14 -- 2006 : Palestinians: Israeli raids kill 8 -- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Eight Palestinians have been killed in two separate attacks on Saturday, Palestinian sources said. Six Palestinians were killed and 20 were injured during an Israeli incursion in northern Gaza, the sources said. More

Oct. 10 -- 2006 : Synagogue Planned For Temple Mount, Hashemites to Add Minaret -- MK Uri Ariel (National Union) is drawing up plans to construct a synagogue on the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site. Jordan's King plans to build a fifth minaret on the site as well. More

Aug.27 -- 2006 : IDF: 2nd Hamas militant killed in Gaza -- GAZA CITY (CNN) -- A Hamas militant was targeted and killed in an Israeli airstrike east of Gaza City Sunday morning while Israeli ground forces patrolled the area for tunnels and planted bombs, Israel Defense Forces and Palestinian sources said. CNN

Aug.21 -- 2006 : Mideast On Boil -- With thousands of Israeli soldiers still stationed in southern Lebanon, and with senior army leaders warning that fighting with Hizbullah forces could resume at any time (possibly assisted by Lebanese army units now being deployed in south Lebanon), fierce dissent continues to mount in Israel over how government and military leaders have handled the war so far in Lebanon. More on David Dolan

Aug.20 -- 2006 : DEBKAfile Reports: Turkey forces one Syrian, 5 Iranian arms planes to land at Diyarbakir military base -- Six Iranian ILDT type 4-cargo planes and a Syrian aircraft were forced to land at the southeast Turkish military airport last Thursday after US spy satellites spotted they were loaded with missiles, missile launchers and eight boxes of Chinese made C-802 missiles, dubbed by Iran “Nur.” More on Debka

Aug.19 -- 2006 : Israeli raid angers Lebanon -- Lebanon's defense minister threatens to halt the deployment of troops to the country's south after Israeli commandos carried out a raid deep inside the country. Israel says the operation was intended to stop weapons from Iran and Syria reaching Hezbollah. More on CNN

Aug.14 -- 2006 : Hezbollah defiant but truce holds -- TYRE, Lebanon (CNN) -- Thousands of civilians forced from their homes by 34 days of fighting poured back into war-ravaged southern Lebanon Monday, hoping that a fragile cease-fire would not crumble More on CNN

Aug.13 -- 2006 : DEBKAfile reports heavy battles on South Lebanese fronts Sunday -- Hizballah has deployed dozens of fighters for furious anti-tank missile assaults on IDF tanks and field units along the front. Fierce clashes are raging just north of the Israeli town of Metula and other parts of the former “security strip” on the border. At least 16 Israeli soldiers were injured before noon Sunday. Saturday, Israel lost 24 men in action, including 5 crew aboard a Yasur helicopter that Hizballah shot down. More on

Aug.12 -- 2006 : Israeli losses in S. Lebanon Saturday rise to 11 soldiers killed, more than 100 injured – 10 seriously – in combat against Hizballah in South Lebanon -- Hizballah sustains 45 dead. Number of Katyusha rockets fired into northern Israel Saturday drops by more than half. More on
Aug.12 -- 2006 : Renewed Hizballah rocket fire injures 5 people in N. Israeli town of Safed -- Kiryat Shemona, Carmiel and other parts of Galilee are under fire Saturday Friday, more than 120 Hizballah rockets ravaged N. Israel Friday – 70% striking Kiryat Shemona. More on

Aug.10 -- 2006 : Mother and five-year-old son killed in Katyusha attack on house in Israeli Arab village of Deir el-Asad. Three other people wounded -- Some 165 rockets were fired at Israel by Thursday, Aug. 10, night, focusing on Kiryat Shemona, Safed, Hatzor, Carmiel and Nahariya in the morning, and the Haifa bayside suburbs in the afternoon. More on

Aug.09 -- 2006 : Hizballah fires more than 100 rockets into Israel Wednesday – 5 long-range Khaibar-1 missiles as well as Katyushas -- TThe Khaibar (90kg explosives, 110km range) missiles landed in open space in Haifa, Afula, Beit Shean, Kibbutz Beit Alpha and Jezreel Valley, 99km south of the Lebanese border, causing minor injuries. More on

Aug.08 -- 2006 : Three Israeli soldiers killed in action in South Lebanon Tuesday: Sgt. Philip Mosko, 21, from Maale Adummim in Debal village and two more soldiers in Labona in the Western Sector. One of the names released: Capt. Gilead Balahsan, 28, from Carmiel -- Twelve Hizballah killed in the fighting and several rocket launchers destroyed. Two Two Hizballah squads were caught asleep and taken prisoner with their weapons including anti-tank rockets. More on

Aug.07 -- 2006 : Israel raid warning: Stay indoors -- As the Israeli military continued airstrikes and commando raids in Lebanon Monday, it warned residents south of Lebanon's Litani River to stay off roads after 10 p.m., Israeli military sources said. More on

Aug.06 -- 2006 : Hizballah’s blitz against Israel peaked Sunday, Day 26 of the war, killing 15 Israelis, injuring more than 200 – men and women, Jews and Arabs -- They fired at least 250 rockets across northern Israel, four times as many as the Germans ever dropped on Britain in one day during World War II. An estimated 13 heavy 220 mm rockets from Syria hit seven buildings in Haifa. More on

Aug.05 -- 2006 : Three Israeli women killed in W. Galilee Arb al-Aramshe village in heavy Hizballah barrage from Lebanon Saturday afternoon – 175 in all -- A soldier was seriously injured in border post. Kiryat Shemona suffers heavy damage and raging fires. Six civilians were earlier injured by 20 rockets in Haifa’s Kiryat Motzkim, Kiryat Haim and Kiryat Yam. Frieda Kellner, 87, died of heart failure after an 11-rocket barrage struck Kiryat Ata. Direct hits set a house and several cars on fire. More on

Aug.04 -- 2006 : Three Israeli civilians killed by Katyusha rockets at Kfar Marar, Majdel Krum and Deir al Asad. Many more injured Friday as 170 rockets from Lebanon hit northern Israel, including Kiryat Shemona, Sdeh Nehemia and Safed. -- Thursday, a 200-rocket barrage of Hizballah rockets killed 8 Israeli civilians. Three were killed instantly in the Israeli port of Acre north of Haifa and two more died of their wounds. Three youths were killed at Maalot-Tarshiha. More on

Aug.03 -- 2006 : A 100-rocket barrage of Hizballah rockets kills 8 Israeli civilians Thursday afternoon. Three were killed instantly and a two more died of their wounds in the Israeli port of Acre north of Haifa, 3 were killed at Maonah near Maalot -- At least 22 civilians injured, 8 seriously. Kiryat Shemona suffers severe damage from battering by systematic rocket fire from the bombing. The latest attack swept the entire Galilee from west to east, including Safed, Tiberias and Carmiel. Northern Israel was hit by several score rockets during the morning, the first 10 landing just outside Kiryat Shemona after Hizballah’s record 200-plus rocket barrage Wednesday carried on into the night over Kiryat Shemona, Maalot and the Galilee panhandle. More on

Aug.02 -- 2006 : Hezbollah launches rocket onslaught on Israel -- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- A Hezbollah rocket on Wednesday struck farther south than ever before, Israeli police said, part of a barrage of at least 110 rockets aimed across northern Israel that killed one Israeli and injured 15 others. More on CNN.

Aug.01 -- 2006 : Israel reportedly hits new targets --The Israeli military engaged in fierce fighting today with Hezbollah forces just across the border with Lebanon, and the Lebanese Army reports Israeli aircraft struck targets near the northeastern Lebanese town of Baalbeck, near the Syrian border. More on CNN.
Aug.01 -- 2006 : Israel OKs expansion of Lebanon campaign --JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israel's Security Cabinet has approved an expansion of the ground campaign against Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon, Israeli officials said early Tuesday. More on CNN.

July 30 -- 2006 : More than 140 Hizballah rockets hit Israel by Sunday afternoon in stepped up blitz on Day 19 of the war. Four people injured --Kiryat Shemona hit by 100 Katyushas. Haifa is attacked after a three-day pause. Katyusha siren alerts sent people to shelters in Nahariya, Arre, Tiberias, Afula, Migdal Ha’emek and Nazareth. Saturday, July 29, Katyusha rockets injured several civilians, damaged a medical facility in Acre, hit Maalot twice and fell on Tiberias, Nahariya and Safed. An estimated 3,200 fired by Hizballah in 18 days More on CNN
July 30 -- 2006 : Israeli air attack kills 54 civilians, including 37 children -- Israel: Strike was 'mistake'; Rice postpones Beirut visit --TYRE, Lebanon (CNN) -- Israel said it mistakenly destroyed a four-story building near a Hezbollah rocket-launching site in Qana, Lebanon, on Sunday where the Red Cross said 54 people died, including 37 children. More on CNN

July 29 -- 2006 : DEBKAfile reports climbing military tension with Syria, marked by the downing of an Israeli drone Friday - while still over Lebanon - by Syrian air defense battery --DEBKAfile’s military sources report the Syrians ambushed the Israeli spy drone to clear the skies for a large consignment of rocket launchers and truckloads of rockets to cross into Lebanon surreptitiously and safe from Israeli air attack. They identify the Khaibar-1 missile which made its first appearance in the Lebanon War in attack on Afula Friday, July 29, as a new version of the Iranian Naziat 6 surface missile. It carries a 100kilo warhead and its range is 90-100km. More on

July 28 -- 2006 : Afula is hit by a new, more powerful rocket identified by Hizballah as Khaibar-1 (after Mohammed’s battle with the Jews of Medina) --Afula in the Jezreel Valley is 70km from the Lebanese border, 15 km south of Haifa. DEBKAfile reports the 120-130 km-range missile may have been fired from a point north of the Hatzbaiya River near Qaroun Lake. Earlier, DEBKAfile reported exclusively: Israeli intelligence has upped its estimate of Hizballah's stock of Zelzal-2 missiles whose 250km range covers Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. More on
July 28 -- 2006 : 26 Hezbollah gunmen killed by IDF in Bint Jbail clashes --Israel Defense Forces troops killed 26 Hezbollah gunmen in clashes in the southern Lebanon town of Bint Jbail. No IDF troops were hurt in the operation, an army spokesperson said.

July 27 -- 2006 : DEBKAfile: Middle East war rhetoric escalates sharply with Rice’s exit from region --Not surprisingly, the most extreme statement came from Iran: A Middle East storm is brewing and will strike violently, said the radical Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “The use of force in Lebanon could trigger a hurricane.”
July 27 -- 2006 : 25 Katyusha rockets Thursday land around towns of Nahariya, Rosh Pina, Carmiel, Hatzor, Ma`alot, Shlomi and Safed. Siren in Haifa --A record number of 130 Hizballah rockets hit northern Israel Wednesday, Day 15 of the war. A Katyusha rocket sparked a fire in Kiryat Shmona Wednesday afternoon; 17 people in a public shelter suffered smoke inhalation

July 26 -- 2006 : Battles rage in southern Lebanon -- Eight Israeli soldiers have been killed in fierce fighting with Hezbollah militiamen in southern Lebanon, the Israel Defense Forces says. The violence came as talks between key Middle East players, aimed at ending the conflict, failed to reach agreement on an immediate cease-fire. CNN
July 26 -- 2006 : Katyusha rocket sparks fire in Kiryat Shmona Wednesday afternoon; 17 people suffer smoke inhalation --At least 119 Hizballah rockets hit Haifa area, Carmiel, Safed, Kiryat Shmona, and elsewhere in the North on Day 15 of the war. Four people were wounded.

July 25 -- 2006 : Hezbollah rockets rain on Haifa -- At least 22 people were hurt, one seriously, as Hezbollah rockets rained down on the Israeli city of Haifa, eyewitnesses said. Earlier Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, at a news conference with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, said Israel would continue its offensive against Hezbollah in Lebanon. More

July 24 -- 2006 : Israel takes aim at Hezbollah stronghold -- 90 rockets fired at Israel -- BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- Israeli forces and Hezbollah militants were locked in fierce fighting Monday in southern Lebanon around what the Israeli military has dubbed Hezbollah's "terror capital." More

July 23 -- 2006 : Hezbollah rockets kill 2 in Haifa -- Israeli bombs rain down on southern Lebanon and Beirut, and a rocket attack on the Israeli port city of Haifa kills at least two people, officials say. Before the attacks, the IDF said 35 Israelis, 15 of them civilians, had been killed. At least 266 Lebanese people have been killed, officials said. More

July 22 -- 2006 : Israel sends tanks into Lebanon -- BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- Israel is sending tanks toward the Lebanese border village of Maroun al-Ras on Saturday in the latest part of its offensive against Hezbollah guerrillas. More

July 21 -- 2006 : FRESH WAVE OF ATTACKS -- Rockets strike Israeli towns -- BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- Rockets struck Haifa and other Israeli towns in a fresh wave of attacks from Lebanon on Friday, Israeli officials said. More

July 20 -- 2006 : BLOODY BATTLE RAGES -- Israelis meet heavy resistance-- BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- Intense clashes erupted between Israeli special forces and Hezbollah guerrillas on the southern Lebanese border Thursday, as fierce fighting in the region entered its ninth day. More

July 19 -- 2006 : Israeli troops in south Lebanon-- As the sound of explosions echoes over the port city of Tyre and with Israeli helicopters and unmanned drones in the skies above, Israel launches a limited cross-border operation into southern Lebanon. More

July 18 -- 2006 : Katyushas kill one in Nahariya -- One person was killed on Tuesday afternoon in Nahariya following a rocket barrage on the city. According to reports, the rocket hit the man as he left the bomb shelter he had sought refuge in. Another man was reportedly wounded in the northern city. More
July 18 -- 2006 : Airstrikes begin for seventh day-- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Several large explosions rocked the Lebanese capital's southern suburbs early Tuesday, indicating that a seventh day of Israeli airstrikes against Lebanon's Hezbollah guerrillas was under way. More

July 16 -- 2006 : Hezbollah rockets kill 8 Israelis -- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- A rocket attack by Hezbollah killed at least eight Israelis on Sunday in the northern coastal city of Haifa, according to Israeli medical services. More

July 15 -- 2006 : Israel pounds Beirut, Syria border -- Lebanese say Israeli airstrike killed 15 civilians-- BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- Israel pounded southern Beirut as well as targets on the Lebanese side of the border with Syria Saturday, as Hezbollah militants fired rockets into northern Israel. More

July 14 -- 2006 : Israeli ships, planes renew Beirut airport attacks -- Lebanese leader calls for cease-fire-- IBEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- Israeli warships and aircraft were clamping down on Lebanon's air, sea and land infrastructure on Friday, three days after Hezbollah guerrillas kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. More

July 13 -- 2006 : Hezbollah rockets strike Israeli port -- Two rockets fired from Lebanon strike the northern Israeli port of Haifa, the Israeli military said, as the crisis over the abduction of two Israeli soldiers deepens. The firing came hours after Israeli warplanes bombed Beirut's international airport and its navy began a blockade of Lebanon's ports. More

July 11 -- 2006 : Israel hits Gaza with new strikes -- At least one militant killed, 4 wounded, Palestinian sources say -- GAZA CITY (CNN) -- An Israeli airstrike killed another Palestinian militant Tuesday as neither Israel nor Hamas appeared ready to back down in their nearly 2-week-old standoff. More

July 05 -- 2006 : Israel hits Palestinian Interior Ministry -- Palestinian rocket hits school; Olmert calls it 'major escalation' -- GAZA CITY (CNN) -- An Israeli airstrike hit the building housing the Palestinian government's Interior Ministry early Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces and Palestinian sources told CNN. More

July 03 -- 2006 : Israel launches new air strikes-- Israeli missiles targeted two buildings in Gaza overnight, hours after Israel said it would step up its military operations until a young captured soldier is released. More

July 02 -- 2006 : Israel hits Palestinian PM office -- An Israeli helicopter gunship fired missiles on the building housing the offices of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya in Gaza City, setting the structure ablaze.The strike was confirmed by Israel, which launched assaults after Palestinians kidnapped Israeli army Cpl. Gilad Shalit on June 25 More

June 28 -- 2006 : Israeli troops move into Gaza -- Israeli troops and armored vehicles cross into southern Gaza in a bid to rescue a soldier kidnapped by Palestinian militants. Elsewhere, Israeli planes attacked three bridges and a power station. More

June 26 -- 2006 : Tensions high over Israeli soldier -- Tensions are high over the kidnap of an Israeli soldier, abducted after a brazen raid by Palestinian militants who tunneled into Israel. The militants killed two Israeli soldiers in the attack on an army post, according to the Israeli army. Israel has asked its international partners to put pressure on the Palestinian government in an effort to secure the soldier's release. Meanwhile, hundreds of Israeli troops are stationed around the Gaza-Israel border on stand-by. More

June 25 -- 2006 : Israel: Militants kill 2 soldiers -- Israeli tanks, helicopters and ground forces cross into southern Gaza after Palestinian militants tunneled under the border and attacked several army posts, killing two soldiers and possibly capturing a third, according to the Israeli army and media reports. More

June 13 -- 2006 : Israeli airstrike kills 9 in Gaza -- At least nine Palestinians, including two children, were killed when an Israeli military aircraft fired missiles at a car in northern Gaza, Israeli and Palestinian sources say. More

June 11 -- 2006 : Israeli airstrike kills 3, Palestinians say-- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- The Israeli military on Sunday said it launched an airstrike at "a terror cell" in northern Gaza attempting to launch a rocket attack into the Jewish state More

June 09 -- 2006 : Palestinians: Israelis kill 7 on Gaza beach-- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- An Israeli navy gunboat fired shells into northern Gaza on Friday, killing at least seven Palestinians on a beach, Palestinian medical sources said. More

May 30 -- 2006 : Six Palestinians killed in Israeli raids -- (CNN) -- Four Palestinians were killed and nine others were injured Tuesday morning when Israel launched a raid into northern Gaza, Palestinian security forces said. At least two others were killed in the West Bank. More

May 28 -- 2006 : Israeli jets strike targets in Lebanon -- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israeli warplanes hit two targets in Lebanon as retaliation for Katyusha rocket strikes, the Israel Defense Forces said Sunday. More

May 20 -- 2006 : Israeli airstrike kills senior militant in Gaza-- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- -- An Israeli airstrike in Gaza City on Saturday killed Islamic Jihad's most senior militant in the Gaza coastal area, Israeli and Palestinians sources said. More

Apr.17 -- 2006 : Suicide bomber kills 6 in Tel Aviv-- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- A suicide bomber set off a blast Monday in a restaurant at the old central bus station in Tel Aviv, Israel, killing six people, police and ambulance services said. More

Apr.11 -- 2006 : Israeli Cabinet: Sharon rule over -- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Three months after suffering a massive stroke, the Israeli Cabinet has declared Prime Minister Ariel Sharon permanently incapacitated, formally ending his premiership. More

Apr.08 -- 2006 : Six dead in second day of Gaza strikes -- Palestinian PM: Israel trying 'to win over political concessions' -- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- In a second day of attacks in Gaza, an Israeli airstrike Saturday targeted a training camp, killing at least six militants, Palestinian security and medical sources said. More

Jan.19 -- 2006 : Police: Suicide bomber hits Tel Aviv -- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- A suicide bomber detonated Thursday at the old central bus station in south Tel Aviv, police said More

Jan.04. -- 2006 : Israeli prime minister taken to the hospital -- Sharon complains of feeling ill day before planned heart surgery -- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was taken Wednesday to a hospital in Jerusalem after reporting he was not feeling well, his office said. More

Jan.03 -- 2006 : Gaza spirals into lawlessness Analysis: History leaves Palestinian territory with seeds of anarchy -- JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Random kidnappings. Daily exchanges of gunfire between police and armed militants. Different neighborhoods patrolled and controlled by competing militias. More


I received the following email from 'The Temple Institute' the other day: A(nother) case of anti-Israeli newscoverage ?

The New York Times exposed.

You need to look at the attached picture before you read this!

Subject: To the Editor
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 00:15:07 -0500
From: aaronnoach

Regarding your picture on page A5 (Sept. 30) of the Israeli soldier and the Palestinian on the Temple Mount - that Palestinian is actually my son , Tuvia Grossman, a Jewish student from Chicago. He, and two of his friends, were pulled from their taxicab while travelling in Jerusalem, by a mob of Palestinian Arabs and were severely beaten and stabbed.

That picture could not have been taken on the Temple Mount because there are no gas stations on the Temple Mount and certainly none with Hebrew lettering, like the one clearly seen behind the Israeli soldier attempting to protect my son from the mob. Aaron Grossman, M.D. 6737 N Richmond Chicago, IL 60645 (773) ###-####

Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 14:54:39 EDT

Dear Editor, Even the typically biased and slanted NY Times middle east reporting has hit a new low. Since the Times wishes to convey the belief that the Palestinians are all innocent lambs being tormented by an aggressive oppressor, it can not even conceive that the wounded and injured are NOT Palestinians. The current case in point is very personal to me. In the Saturday's Times on page A6, the picture of the "wounded Palestinian" is, in fact, my nephew, Tuvia Grossman, an AMERICAN Jewish student learning in Israel. His only crime was being Jewish. He was not in "crossfire" but merely the target of Palestinian lambs who stoned his cab, dragged him from the vehicle, smashed his head with stones and stabbed him in the leg. The Israeli soldier, whom you obviously wished to portray as victimizing the poor, wounded Palestinian was actually saving my nephew's life. A casual look at the background of the picture can tell anyone that it's not the Temple Mount at all. I believe that a retraction, in a prominent position in the paper, is necessary and an apology to the parents, forthcoming. Howard Gissinger 2809 Avenue S Brooklyn, New York 11229 718-###-####


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