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This is a non-commercial christian (Dutch) website containing a collection of links and articles that relate to Bible Endtime Prophecies. We originally started as a website with translations (in Dutch) of various bible endtime prophecy articles from the WWW. For what (most of) the articles in the left column are concerned, you will be directly linked to the original websites.

Crisis in the Middle East

America under attack


666 global US leadership ? (Click for enlargement).
US global leadership

Is this occult Skull and Bonesman a massmurderer ? Many people support this man and follow his orders blindly, including ignorant Dutch politicians who do not dare to ask questions and want to enslave us all. Although he is not the antichrist (not 'smart' enough for that role) he surely paves the way for him and probably already loves his number 666 (see background).


Hello everyone:

Welcome to a renewed EIW.

EIW has been renewed and is now compatible with IE, Netscape, Firefox and Opera. Main URL is still wanadoo (orange). Second choice is . Just in case these URL's are not accessible there is also another location at Zomi and myplace (closed without reason given). For the URL's scroll down to the bottom of this page. Bookmark at least the first two URL's The 'current events' archives will gradually come back online during the next coming weeks. The 'old' version of this site will be parked at fortunecity but won't be updated anymore. A next step is to update this middle column more frequently as time allows. The redesign consumed a lot of time. An x-number of dead links have been removed and an attempt has been made to make the site more compliant to the W3C standard. The various pages will be, if necessary, updated on a regular (daily) basis. Also visit the audio and - video page of EIW to stay abreast of the current developments, among other things, the crisis in the Middle East.

It is obvious time is getting very short and this is not only the common thought here. Many Christians in Holland and abroad are feeling a certain amount of urgency. The outlines of the last piece of human reign and the advent of an antichristian empire headed by the antichrist and his false prophet are becoming clearer with each day. We'll keep you informed on the developments.

The current clashes between the Israeli forces and Hezbollah was only a matter of time. More countries in the Middle East could get involved. The tensions could ease a bit but it is also possible the conflict could totally escalate into a regional war. Some even speak openly WW3 has already started. Also prophetically relevant and remarkable is this screenshot from Fox News (July 2006) in which Olmert 'seeks a covenant'. We know from Scriptures (Daniel) that the antichrist will 'confirm a covenant' in the not too distant future. This will appear to be a 'covenant of death' and will eventually lead to the last great war called Armageddon.

The natural disasters also continue, as expected, in conformity with the prophecies of, among other things, Mathew 24 The number of earthquakes, whether or not followed by a tsunami, volcano eruptions or volcanoes about to erupt, record breaking hurricanes and tornadoes, extreme weather etc. shout for our attention. These disasters succeed each other rapidly in accordance with the birthpangs in this same book. You can rest assured the judgements of God are already underway on this wicked world and will only increase in intensity and frequency as time progresses.

The last word has certainly not yet been spoken on 911.You can watch some revealing videos on the greatest terror act ever on the audio and -videopage. We disregard who the real terrorists are but it is obvious that the official version of 911, as presented by the 911 commission, contradicts with the facts as shown in these videos. It is also a matter of using your brains. But the official 'fairy tale' of for instance the alleged crashed Boeing into the Pentagon is repeated by the controlled media over and over again. The video called 'painful deceptions' was not even allowed to be shown in the British Parliament. Are they perhaps afraid of something ? In short, it is 'politically incorrect' to claim another 911 version than the official one. Anyone who dares is considered a 'conspiracy nut' You may ask yourself who the real 'conspiracy nuts' are. 911 accelerated the preparations for total enslavement of mankind and that was probably the intention.

Even more 'politically incorrect' is Faith in one absolute Truth, namely Faith in Jesus Christ according to the 4 Gospels. The need of being born again can't be stressed enough. Click on "You must be born again" (to enter the Kingdom of God) for more info. Do not postpone it any longer. We don't know how much (little) time is left. Anyone who dies without accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior will be eternally lost, according to Scriptures. Moreover, apart of the endtime you simply don't know if you will make it through the next day or even hour. The Bible predicted many things (among other things the signs we see happening before our very eyes) a long time, ago so the rest is also truth. In view of the correctness of the Bible it's no wonder the attacks continue, for instance by means of the Da vinci code and the 'Gospel of Judas'. According to Scriptures, the devil, -- your adversary -- roars like a lion, seeking someone to devour". So stay in the Faith (or accept Jesus Christ as your Savior) and strengthen your personal relationship with Him. The only place in this universe where you are safe.

When you see a man coming upon the world scene, probably during one (or more) worldwide crisis and quickly gains worldwide power from Europe and at a certain moment will require a Mark, in (on) the right hand or Forehead, with his name (unknown at this time) or his number (666) to buy or sell, be sure this is the prophesied antichrist from (Revelation) and (Daniel). He will also be assisted by a helper who will also gain much power and influence and will act as the spiritual leader/propagandist for this world government.
For the newcomers to this site below the prophecy of the Mark (and the consequences it brings)

Revelation 13: 16-18:
"16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

Revelation 14: 9-11
"9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, 10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb.11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name."

Of course the 6, 66 and 666 conditioning, in preparation for the above, also continues. Many examples have been sent in by our readers or self observed. Below from left to right a screenshot of the Cartoon Network (Click on image for enlargement), sent in by a reader from Florida, and how kids are being prepared to receive the coming 666 mark on the forehead, the photo in the center shows how a label can evolve. At the left the old label and at the right the new design. (notice the letter 'O' that has changed in a '6', a phenomenon we frequently observe in such designs). The right photo shows a mall here in Holland. To be continued.

Narutocartoonsixesonforehead.jpg Joysoapcomparison.jpg cropmiddenwaard.jpg

And this is just in. This is how it looks when it is mirrored. (Trying very hard here to figure out what other purpose this design serves than making the poor consumer ripe for 666.)

Finally, we want to thank everyone who directly or indirectly contributed to this site. Of course greatest thanks and honor goes to our Lord Jesus Christ, without Him this site would have been long dead and gone. We have met a lot of resistance right from the beginning and in fact the attacks never seem to stop but we will continue by the Grace of God. So your prayers are very much needed and appreciated.

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21: 28)

P.S The below mentioned dates back to 2000 but is by no means less current. Temple has not been built yet but the preparations are almost completed. This info will stay here until it will be refreshed at the next update.

The Sign of the Temple


For a number of years now there have been preparations behind the scenes to build the Third Jewish Temple. With regard to one of the most important signs pointing to the soon Return of Jesus Christ, please read on. Note that the construction of this temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is currently (April 2000) absolutely unthinkable in view of the religious and political situation in Israel. The Bible clearly states, however, that there will be a Temple at the end of the age. Since all the prophecies in the Bible must be fulfilled; this Temple will certainly be built.

To visit the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement that is mentioned in this article, follow this link

Another organization that is engaged in the Temple and Temple items is 'The Temple Institute'

In addition to the sign of the rebuilt temple, as stated earlier one of the most important signs that we are living in the endtime, the rest of the (abundant) signs point that we are rapidly approaching Daniel's last yearweek (period of seven years in which the antichrist reign of terror will rage, also called the " time of the Great Tribulation"). When exactly this will happen nobody knows, but all the current developments point in that direction. However, we are not looking forward to this last piece of human history (as we know it), but we are looking forward to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. (The Rapture of the Church) that, we believe will happen before this last yearweek. More information about the imminent Rapture and different views and (global) timeframes follows in one of the next updates.

That the time is ripe for the world to be enslaved also follows from the article "The Last Days" from the Hungarian website: 'Crying Voice in the Wilderness'

Pehaps a weak comparison, but what the Swastika in Hitler's Germany represented, so does the number 666 represent the reign of the Antichrist, (i.e the Beast from the sea, Revelation 13:1-10). Since all signs point that we are rapidly approaching the endtimes, it's not surprising that we see this number more and more frequently. Promotion of this number 666 is underway, whether or not subliminal. Some designers manage to disguise this number by curling and swirling letters and logos into a six or even three sixes. These people are very creative in doing this. It's a pity that I have to respect the copyrights, otherwise you would already have seen a number of examples from (computer) magazines, papers, CNN, MTV etc. Conditioning for this number is well underway, among other things by way of (hard) rock music. And worse, (or should I say especially) in the New Age Movement the number of Satan is a beloved symbol. For this reason alone one should ignore the New Age Movement. In these circles they strive to promote this number as much as possible. No doubt there will be some who say that a lot of people following the New Age Movement mean no harm. Undoubtedly this might be the case, but the Bible teaches us that whoever is not for Jesus is against Him. And someone who is against Jesus automatically works for His adversary, Satan. The (occult) New Age Movement and Jesus just do not go together. We will keep you informed about this conditioning that, as we anticipate, will only increase. Fortunately, a great number of websites are online to warn against this number and the individual/system this number represents.

Unfortunately, we read in Revelation that a great part of the world will follow the Beast (Antichrist, whose name adds up to 666) in amazement. (Revelation 13:3,8). Revelation reveals the unprecedented deception that will come upon the world.

Microchipping " of several animals is well underway, among other things, used in cattle, dogs and cats, reptiles and even in fish. Now, required by European law, race-horses here in The Netherlands must carry a microchip before January 1, 2001. For more information see this scanned brochure (only in Dutch). Well, who's next? The Jockeys perhaps, by a European mandate...?
Finally, we want to thank everyone who, directly or indirectly, contributed to this website. If you think you have material that should be published here, please email us.

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